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She'll show you her license if you ask nicely. 

Michelle Miracle is an actor, voice-actor and writer. She started doing improv and sketch comedy in Denver a long time ago. She has appeared in comedy festivals across the country, worked on cruise ships performing for The Second City, starred in a National tour of Spank Harder!  (a 50 Shades parody), and she spends most of her life looking for parking. 

If you can tell her the best place to get a Chile Relleno in Los Angeles, she will give you 20 bucks. 


-She has a "thing" for Fire Hydrants. Look for her book, Pee On Me, coming soon!

-She has a natural "Resting Bitch Face" (aka Stink Eye) and is not afraid to use it. 


2010 - present

2010 - present

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